Get To Know 001 : Bwana [Exclusive Track]

This the first of many “Get To Know” features, first up we have Bwana.



Bwana is Nathan Micay, a 20 year old university student from Toronto. He makes very soulful and powerful bass music. Upon hearing my first Bwana track I was immediately impressed with his use of textures and the inherent simplicity of his productions, he is really an example of how less is more. His use of restraint is rare these days with producers always just going as big as they can, and leaving nothing to the imagination, Nathan has subtle ways of grabbing your attention, take for example my current favourite Bwana track called “Baby Let Me Finish” :





Smooth pads, complemented with melodically driving pitched up vocals, which act as a melodic lead but are rhythmically placed to give them an almost percussive feel, as common with UK Garage. Pitched snares and percussion are also important to add to the “thickness” of his productions, the elements are sparse, but this goes back to the previously mentioned simplicity, enough variation in the simple elements can really bring a track out without overburdening the listener. A bright future lies ahead for this young producer, we contacted him to ask a few production centric questions, and he offered us an exclusive track to give away! Check it out after the jump :




Sequencer of choice?

Ableton Live 8

Workhorse VST/VSi tool you couldnt live without

Don’t really use any VST’s.. pretty much all my sounds are made within ableton..although I use Sylenth 1 from time to time for little efx and such.

Drums or melody first?

Melody always.

Any tips for producers on gaining inspiration? how do you get out o a writers block?

Stop trying to sound like something and just go with the flow, if you put in the’ll just come naturally.

When do you work best?

I barely have any time for my I make a new tune every sunday afternoon.

Most abused EDM production technique?

hahha um I think i rely way to much on my vocals..and I transpose them to no end.





Here is the exclusive track we promised


Bwana – All Alone


If the Soundcloud link maxes out at 100 downloads, we got you covered, download here



And another freebie for your downloading pleasure, this one is called, “Getting It In” soak it up :


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If you are in the Toronto area be sure to catch the young producers first show at Bassmentality this Wednesday!


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  1. Faye Parks Micay

    Dear Nathan
    I just heard some of your music. Good luck always. I send you my love and good wishes. Have a good year. Your Softa Faye Parks Micay

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